Jeremy Swayman can’t stop laughing after eating from Linus Ullmark’s hand mid-interview postgame

The Boston Bruins have had a record-breaking season. They’re the fastest team to 50 wins every and the fastest team to 100 points in history. They’re firing on all cylinders, and it’s not just the amazing offense working well.

They also have the best goalie duo in the league, and during the season, Linus Ullmark and Jeremy Swayman have taken everyone by storm. They’re not just two goalies fighting for the No. 1 spot for the league leaders. They also happen to be best friends who support each other daily.

They’re not your typical goalie duo. They’re genuinely happy for one another when they’re performing well, and that’s been the case all year. Ullmark and Swayman have invented the best celebration in hockey with their ”Hug it out” that they bring out after every win, but now, the duo has taken things even further.

Swayman was the starting goalie for Boston on Sunday’s matchup against the Buffalo Sabres, and he made 26 saves to post his second straight shutout.

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So how did Swayman celebrate the win? By having some chicken wings.

It’s not so special to eat wings after a hockey game, but in this case, how Swayman ate the wings caught fans’ attention. During Swayman’s postgame interview, he was suddenly given a wing by non other than Linus Ullmark, that fed his goalie colleague right in the middle of the interview.

Swayman first laughed as he thanked Ullmark, who then walked away.

“Love that guy,” Swayman said of Ullmark.

“I think the biggest thing is just staying in the moment, learning from our mistakes and taking the positives from games that we don’t like,” Swayman said, addressing how important the win was for Bruins. “So the last couple of games have been a really big positive for our team.”

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