Jason Zucker pays tribute to Jaromir Jagr with awesome celebration while debuting reverse retro jersey

The Pittsburgh Penguins took their fans down memory lane to the 1990s yesterday as they were rocking a familiar jersey. It was Retro Reverse night, and on the front of their shirt was the infamous RoboPenguin.

The RoboPenguin was on the shirt when the Pens had players like Jaromir Jagr and Mario Lemieux on their teams, and it’s one of the most famous logos in sports history.

Source: Twitter

The Pens plan to wear the Reverse Retro jerseys eight times this season, and last night’s game against the Buffalo Sabres marked the first.

And Jason Zucker, forward on the Pens, only thought it was appropriate to pay some homage to Jaromir Jagr when wearing the Retro Uniform.

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Zucker scored a pretty one-timer to make it 1-0, and he celebrated by taking off his glove for the famous salute celebration. The celebration was Jaromir Jagr’s trademark, and Pens fans absolutely loved seeing it again, especially while rocking the infamous jersey.

And it’s fair to say Zucker got the fans going.

Source: Twitter

Sports photographer Mike Darnay said: “Jason Zucker paying homage to Jaromir Jagr with the salute celebration is the positive energy we all need in our lives.”

Penguins reporter Taylor Haase said: “Jason Zucker finishes off a feed from Evgeni Malkin on a 2-on-1 and it’s 1-0 Penguins with 13:32 left in the first. He Jagr saluted after that. Absolutely incredible for the first goal back in the robo-Penguin.”

Jason Zucker said the idea came from some younger guys on the team.

“I have to give credit to Rusty and Guentz. That was their idea. I just happened to get the goal before them. Whoever scored, hopefully one of us was (laughs), was going to do it. Shoutout to Jagr and that whole team,” Zucker said per Pens Inside Scoop on Twitter.

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