Jamie Benn and Miles Wood engage in fisticuffs in old-school fight

We’re a handful of games into the NHL season, and Jamie Benn and Miles Wood have now fought for the first time this season.

Benn isn’t known as a fighter, but over the course of his NHL career, he has fought four at least in three of his NHL seasons.

Miles Wood is entering his third season of NHL hockey. In his first year with the Devils, Wood picked up six fights.

Last night’s fight marks the first time these two have dropped the mitts, but they fought as if they have been rivals for years.

Benn and Wood opted to just throw down, not worrying about positioning or any technique in their tilly. The goal was to land as many punches as possible in the shortest amount of time.

It isn’t often we get to see fists flying so aggressively and with no care. We normally see the two fighting competitors battle for position and try to strategically land punches.

This was just a straight brawl between the two righties as if this was the culmination of years of hatred towards one another.

New Jersey had a 3-0 lead at this point in the game, so maybe Benn was trying to fire the boys up for the remainder of the third period.

Credit is given to Wood for answering the call and doing a solid job in the fight. We saw the pair jawing at one another before puck drop and it wasn’t too long after before the gloves were off and there were fists of fury.