Jack Johnson joined the Avalanche in Stanley Cup banner ceremony, despite playing for the opposite team

It was a special day for Jack Johnson. He played his first game for the Chicago Blackhawks, and on the other side of the ice were all the players he called teammates up until June. Jack Johnson only stayed with the Colorado Avalanche for one season, but what a season it was.

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He played 74 games in the regular season and 13 in the playoffs, as the Colorado Avalanche won their first Stanley Cup since 2001. Shortly after winning the cup, Johnson got traded to the Chicago Blackhawks. And it just happened to play out, so the Blackhawks played their first game of the season on the road against the Colorado Avalanche.

Jack Johnson won his first Stanley Cup with Colorado, and when the team raised the banner of their Cup-winning year in front of the home fans, it would be weird for Jack Johnson not to be a part of it. Despite wearing a Blackhawks jersey, Johnson got invited by the Avalanche players to be with them as the banner was raised to the roof, and you can tell by the pictures that he enjoyed it quite a bit.

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Johnson couldn’t help smiling while sitting on the bench watching the Avalanche Cup celebration video, and although he now plays for another team, you have to realize what it means to him.

And what a classy moment from the Avalanche to let their former teammate be a part of it all.

On social media, fans were thrilled for Johnson and absolutely loved the Avalanche’s classy move.

“Watching Jack Johnson in his new Blackhawks jersey join his “old” teammates for the raising of the banner and one final team picture will give all the feels…,” one fan said.

“Ok. Jack Johnson hopping in there has to be one of the coolest moments I’ve ever seen,” said another.

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