Wayne Gretzky totally shut Paul Bissonnette up on TV, talking about stats and how it’s ‘just for losers’

Wayne Gretzky totally shut Paul Bissonnette up on TV, talking about stats and how it’s ‘just for losers’

The NHL is finally back, and so is ‘NHL on TNT,’ and we couldn’t be more thrilled. Last season was TNT’s first with NHL games, and they brought their concept from ‘The NBA on TNT’ with them. During the broadcasts, former players, legends, and experts gathered to talk about the games in a serious way, but also with a lot of jokes, laughter, and chirping. The concept was a huge hit, and NHL fans have praised the NHL on TNT.

Wayne Gretzky is one of the analysts for the channel, and together with the likes of Paul Bissonnette, and Rick Tocchet, they’re putting on a show every time they get the chance.

Wayne Gretzky is, without a doubt, the GOAT of hockey, but working on TV is still relatively new for him. But he’s doing great, and his great insides and thoughts are well-liked by viewers.

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The exciting thing about the analysts on TNT is the difference in how great they were on the ice. Gretzky scored 2,857 points during his NHL career, and Paul Bissonnette, known as BizNasty, scored just seven goals in 202 games. But during the broadcast, they contribute insights and thoughts, and it’s great to see them together.

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But last night, The Great One really shut BizNasty up. During a discussion about the Colorado Avalanche’s goalkeepers, Bissonnette complained about the goalies’ save percentage. That’s when Gretzky got fed up.

“Stats are for losers,” Gretzky said.

“It’s goals and the time you let them in. If you make big key saves, that’s way more important than stats. I don’t care what anybody says. If you look at statistics and all that, but it’s the guy that makes the save when the game is on the line, and Kuemper proved he could do it last year.”

Paul Bissonnette was stunned by Gretzky’s saying.

“The Great One just shut me up,” he said.

He also joked about his lack of goalscoring during his NHL career.

“That’s what my agent should’ve said when they’re trying to sign my deals. Stats are for losers! What do you talking about, no goals?”

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