Isaiah Thomas’ reaction to meeting Wayne Gretzky was absolutely perfect; he was just like all of us if we got to meet the GOAT

No matter how big of a star you are, it’s always special to meet one of the GOATs. And in hockey, the undisputed greatest of all time is Wayne Gretzky.

And no matter who meets him, it’s special. Gretzky is a great ambassador for hockey, and it’s special for anyone to actually exchange a few words with him.

It’s not often other stars in sports are starstruck when meeting other sports celebrities, but Wayne Gretzky is The Great One.

And that’s what Isaiah Thomas found out earlier this week. The former point guard, who was a two-time NBA All-Star, actually got the chance to meet Gretzky at The Winter Classic in Seattle, and it was all caught on camera. And we’re so glad it was.

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In the video, Thomas was seen talking to former NBA player Jamaal Crawford.

“I gotta see him, I don’t even got to meet him, I just gotta see him. It’s like Jordan, bro,” Thomas told former NBA player Jamaal Crawford.

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Isaiah Thomas compared Gretzky to Jordan several times in the video, which was uploaded to X (formerly known as Twitter) by B/R Open Ice.

And although Thomas played basketball for his entire life, he still appreciated Gretzky’s greatness and everything he’s done for hockey. When meeting Gretzky, Thomas was heard saying, ‘I just got to meet you. It’s an honor.’

Source: X

After meeting up with Gretzky, Thomas also posted the following on X:

”I met Wayne Gretzky today!!!! & he knew who I was LOL. That’s crazy,” followed by a fire emoji.

The Seattle Kraken won their first-ever Winter Classic 3-0 over the Vegas Golden Knights, but for Isaiah Thomas, it was memorable for another reason. It was the day he met the absolute GOAT.

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