Injured Cole Caufield returns to rink during practice and pulls amazing prank on teammate Jonathan Drouin

The Montreal Canadiens haven’t had the season that fans were hoping for. They’re already out of the playoff race and have had a hard time with injuries.

One positive note for the Canadiens was Cole Caufield. The 2019 first-round pick recorded 43 points in his debut season in the NHL and was off to an even greater start this season. He played for 46 games, where he recorded 36 points, before needing to do surgery that will keep him sidelined for the rest of the season.

It was a tough blow for the Canadiens and for Caufield, who did the surgery as there wasn’t much hope for a playoff run anyways, and to get him fully fit and ready for the next season.

Caufield still has his shoulder in a sling and doesn’t seem too bummed about missing play. He still shows up at practice and seems to bring good vibes and energy.

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During a practice session earlier this week, Caufield was on the bench and decided to pull a prank on teammate Jonathan Drouin. Pranks aren’t unusual in the NHL between teammates, and this time, Caufield hit Drouin with one of the oldest tricks in the book.

When Drouin was busy doing something else–playing hockey in this case–Caufield took Drouin’s water bottle and loosened the lid. It didn’t take long for Drouin to skate over and have a sip, and the prank worked exactly as Caufield had planned.

Drouin got wet but took the prank with ease as he just laughed about it. Caufield wasn’t exactly unhappy that he managed to pull it off, and he was seen laughing and cheering on the bench.

We absolutely love to see NHL players joke around with each other, especially when a player is out injured.

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