Hurricanes fans surprised David Ayers with the most awesome gift last night

David Ayers has probably been the busiest hockey player in the world during the last couple of days.

After the sensational win against the Maple Leafs Saturday, with the 42 year old goalie stopping 8 shots, he’s been doing over 20 interviews and made a guest appearance on Stephen Colbert’s The Late Show.

Ayers has also been made an honorary North Carolinian by the North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper.

“David Ayres gave North Carolina hockey fans a memory that we will never forget”. David Ayers proved to be the personification of ‘That’s hockey, baby!'”, the official proclamation read.

The PR Tour ended Tuesday night with Ayers heading to Raleigh, where it was David Ayres Day after a formal proclamation by Mayor Mary-Ann Baldwin, and the Hurricanes’ home game against the Dallas Stars. The 42 year old got to do the Siren opener and signed plenty of autographs to his newfound friends.

The Canes lost 4-1, but for the fans Ayers appearance surely was something to remember.

And after the game, he got an awesome gift from the fans.

His wife Sarah Ayers posted a picture of David on Twitter, with him holding a Canes jersey signed by hundreds of fans sending their best wishes to the newest member of the Hurricanes.

“What an amazing gesture!! This is the coolest! Dave is in total awe right now! Thank you Carolina Fans”, Sarah Ayers wrote.

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