Emergency goalie David Ayers appeared on The Late Show and absolutely killed it

David Ayers shocked the hockey world in a positive matter after stepping in, helping Carolina get the victory against the Maple Leafs Saturday.

The Hurricanes players gave him all the cheers and appreciation in the world, and after the game they even pitched in with money from their own pockets as a thank you.

“These guys were awesome,” Ayres said. “They said to me, ‘Have fun with it, don’t worry about how many goals go in, this is your moment, have fun with it.’”

The last couple of days’s been a huge PR tour and the 42 year old, who earlier worked as the zamboni driver for the Maple Leafs AHL affiliate, made appearances on both TV and radio shows.

Raleigh mayor Mary-Ann Baldwin also announced that Tuesday, as in today, will be declared as “David Ayers Day”.

Last night, Ayers made a guest appearance on Stephen Colberts‘ The Late Show. And of course the now world famous emergency goalie killed it.

Ayers got to stand in after Colbert “pulled a hamstring” and played the piano with the studio band as well.

This is just awesome, and very well earned!


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