Hockey fans absolutely loved what happened after Jacob Trouba’s humongous open-ice hit on Timo Meier

Timo Meier had a quiet first-round series of the playoffs but became a highlight reel on Game 7 Monday night.

Unfortunately for Meier, it was for the completely wrong reason, as he was absolutely steamrolled and caught with his head down by Jacob Trouba.

Trouba is one of the biggest hitters in the league, and if he sees an opportunity to destroy someone, he always takes it. And with the Rangers trailing in Game 7, Trouba stepped up big to get his team going.

The Devils were on a powerplay as Meier crossed the Rangers blue line with his head down. Trouba stepped up and delivered one of the biggest hits this season. The referees didn’t call Trouba on a powerplay, and rightfully so, as it was clean according to the rules book.

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The hit from Trouba didn’t spark the Rangers enough to pull off a comeback, as they lost Game 7 4-0, and therefore, they’re eliminated from the playoffs. 

After the game, Trouba and Meier made every hockey fan in the world proud. Despite Trouba’s huge disappointment over the result and despite Meier getting steamrolled by Trouba, the two shared a nice embrace in the handshake lineup.

Meier didn’t seem to hold a grudge against Trouba, and that’s how it should be.

”Clean hit. Meier caught. He knew it,” one fan said about it.

But some fans still thought the hit was dirty, but that Meier was the bigger person in this scenario.

”What’s Meier going to do? Fight Trouba? His team won, so he has the last laugh. No need to muck it up. Trouba probably asked him if he’s good, and he’s like yeah I’m good. Still a shitty hit by Trouba,” one said.

”It’s not awesome to see, bc it shouldn’t have happened. Sportsmanship is great, but targeting a players head isn’t. You can’t possibly be proud to see Trouba talk to him or apologize? Regardless of what was said, it doesn’t take back the dirty hit,” another added.

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