Flyers player falls for prank about being traded to the Maple Leafs, his reaction was absolutely priceless

Getting traded is the most significant thing an NHLer could go through. Not only do you have to leave your teammates that you’ve seen every single day, but you also leave your city and home, often forcing your family with you in a big move. It’s a big deal and not something to take easy on. 

And it’s probably something you shouldn’t prank an NHLer about. Of course, it stirs up emotions, but it happened last week, and we can’t say anything other than it was absolutely hilarious. 

Source: Twitter

Scott Laughton has played with the Philadelphia Flyers since his debut year in the NHL. He was drafted by the organization in 2012 and hasn’t moved since. This campaign has been his highest in points recorded, so it’s no wonder other teams may have been interested ahead of the trade deadline.

But he didn’t move, but some guys made him think he was off to Toronto.

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Laughton was on the Nasty Knuckles podcast as a guest when the host suddenly interrupted him and said that Elliotte Friedman had reported that Laughton was going to Toronto. His initial reaction was priceless.

Laughton immediately took out his phone, but it didn’t take long until he was told it was all a joke.

”Holy f-ck. My f-cking balls were in my throat. Oh my God. Holy f-ck. You f-ckers I’m shaking still. I was like, ’Oh f-ck, here we go, I better call Chloe.’”

Source: Twitter

Chloe is Scott Laughton’s wife, and it’s cute that she was one of the first things that popped into his mind. All in all, it’s pure gold content, and Laughton will have to deal with being a Flyer in the nearest future as well.

The Flyers are way out of the playoff race this season, and GM Chuck Fletcher has received heavy critique for how he’s handled the team this year. They haven’t traded for picks and seem to be sticking with the group that hasn’t played well this year. 

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