Fleury pulls out classic trick to guard empty net

With Marc-Andre Fleury being pulled for an extra attacker, the net of the Vegas Golden Knights was exposed. Except, Fleury had something up his sleeve.

Nobody manning the blue paint means it was easy access for the Winnipeg Jets, who were already up 2-1 with just under 2:30 to play. A goal late in the third would pretty much seal the deal. However, as Fleury skated off during a Golden Knights timeout. Fleury played with some snow before stepping off the ice.

As he was leading the ice surface, Fleury used his paddle to try and build a wall in the crease. The snow wall would hopefully stop a sliding puck from going in.

The referees were having none of it, as they quickly used their skates to kick out the snow from the crease and goal line.

The best part of Fleury’s shenanigans was him laughing on the bench, hiding under his trapper. It was a funny moment that gave the bench a good chuckle.

Unfortunately for the Golden Knights, the Jets would go on to win 4-1.