Fans left furious after Morgan Geekie gets his goal called back for goaltender interference

The Boston Bruins can’t close out games at the moment.

The Bruins game vs. the Seattle Kraken went into overtime on Monday, marking the sixth game in a row the Bruins needed more than regulation to decide the result. It’s the first time a team’s six straight games have gone to overtime or shootout since the Tampa Bay Lighting in 2017-18.

The Bruins lost 4-3 in the shootout to the Kraken, and they’ll be disappointed with giving away the win. The Bruins entered the third period with a lead after two goals from David Pastrnak, but the Kraken controlled the game early in the third and tied the game with 5:30 played.

With just under ten minutes left of the game, the Bruins thought they had scored the go-ahead goal, as Morgan Geekie scored on a breakaway.

But Geekie also skated in on goalie Philipp Grubauer to get the puck across the goal line, but the referees deemed it to be a good goal. But the Kraken challenged for goalie interference, and the referees upheld it.

“I came in and lost my footing a little bit,” Geekie said post-game. “There was a little bit of pressure on the back. The puck was around him, I thought. I don’t know if he was going to get it regardless of what happened. If they thought there was contact there that hampered him from making the save, that’s what they see. I’m not the one making calls. But yeah, that’s what it is.”

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The Kraken pulled ahead not long after before the Bruins tied the game 3-3. It was the third time the Bruins handed away a third-period lead in their four-game road trip. But on social media, fans directed their anger at the referees and their decision to call back Morgan Geekie’s goal.

”Thats garbage,” one user said on X.

”Yeah, that’s gotta be a goal,” another said.

”Crashing the net is now illegal,” a third added.

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But many were also angry with how long the review took.

”They took like 5+ minutes to review it too, anyone who thought it was a good goal explain your side? Looked pretty clear interference to me,” one said.

”Pretty clearly goalie interference. Don’t know why that would take 5 minutes to review,” another said.

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