Fans can’t stop laughing after Red Wings player gets punched in the face by referee

There are a lot of unexpected moments in the NHL almost every night, but the sequence in last night’s game between the Edmonton Oilers and the Detroit Red Wings, we’ve probably never seen before.

It was in the late first that the refs blew the whistle and, at the same time, had his arms out and fist closed. Then, in just the right moment, Detroit Red Wings player Adam Erne comes skating, and that’s when it all got hilarious.

 Why Adam Erne didn’t skate just a bit sideways, nobody knows, but it just so happened that he skated with his face straight into the referee’s fist. In other words: Erne got punched in the face by the referee. 

 The video of the strange happening has gained much attention on social media, and everybody agrees that it’s really, really funny.

” I love the refs reaction just like what the f*ck bud,” says one comment.

” Adam Erne punches himself in the face with a referee,” says another.

 But some user also wonders what was going through Erne’s mind.

” Why did he keep skating? Like, what was this thought process? He was looking straight at the ref,” asks one user.

” I like how he’s looking right at the referee and still finds a way to fist himself in the face,” says another one.

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