Fans all say the same thing after seeing Connor Bedard losing his mind over a brutal two-handed whack from Josh Manson

Connor Bedard was the most hyped-up prospect in a long time. And so far, he hasn’t disappointed.

His transition from the WHL, where he scored a record-breaking amount of points last season, to the NHL has been amazing to watch.

Chicago Blackhawks is currently on a rebuild, but Bedard has been one of the few positives since getting drafted No. 1 in 2023.

Bedard has been missing more than a month of play due to a broken jaw, but he still leads all rookies with a very impressive 40 points in 46 games. Bedard has been a joy to watch, and he’s putting up highlight-reel plays almost every game.

Bedard has received praise from fellow NHLers and analysts, but there have also been some concerns about the 18-year-old. Bedard isn’t the most physical player, and with how great he’s playing, opponents try everything to get under his skin, often with some physical play or some cheap shots.

Bedard’s broken jaw happened when he was caught skating through the zones with his head down, for example.

On Thursday, Bedard was yet again visibly frustrated as he and the Blackhawks had a tough night against the Colorado Avalanche.

The Hawks lost 5-0 to the Avs, and Bedard left the ice without getting on the score sheet. Bedard hit the post in the second period, and in the third, he was slashed by Josh Manson without the officials noticing it. Bedard was skating towards the bench, with the puck nowhere around, as Manson, seemingly unproved, decided to whack Bedard on his glove.

As Bedard returned to the bench, he was absolutely furious and punched the boards several times in frustration over the no-call from the referees.

But on social media, everyone said the exact same thing about it: That Bedard is getting the same treatment as Crosby did during his early years in the league, with players trying to get him out of his zone.

”I remember when Crosby was a rookie and this was happening to him…some things are just part of the circle of (hockey) life,” one said.

”Getting the Crosby treatment,” another said.

”Welcome to the show kid,” a third said.

”NHL buddy! Not juniors anymore,” a fourth added.

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