Fans absolutely loved what Nazem Kadri had to say about Jacob Trouba’s hit that sent his helmet flying

Jacob Trouba is a controversial player. He’s one of the hardest hitters in the league, and few defenders play a tougher physical game than the Rangers captain. Just this season, he delivered several bone-crushing hits, and it’s led to some huge discussions.

When Trouba laid a huge hit on Chicago Blackhawks’ Andreas Athanasiou, it led to him calling Trouba a ”$8-million man with zero goals.”

Legendary defenseman Chris Pronger later jumped to Trouba’s defense, and the discussions about Trouba’s hits just seem to be a never-ending subject.

Earlier this week, Trouba had another busy night, this time against the Calgary Flames. Trouba first laid a big hit on Dillon Dube, and despite the hit being clean, he had to answer the bell from Chris Tanev.

In the second period, Trouba absolutely steamrolled Nazem Kadri, and this time, Trouba’s first victim Dillon Dube went after him to get a retaliation.

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The two hits were great and clean, and post-game Rangers coach Gerard Gallant slammed the Flames players for going after Trouba. He claimed that fighting only should happen after dirty hits, not clean ones like the one Trouba delivered.

“I understand guys standing up for their teammates, it’s all the time. I just think sometimes it gets a little [bit of] overreaction,” he said.

And it seems like Nazem Kadri agrees. The Flames star hasn’t spoken about the hit from Trouba since it happened but broke the silence Wednesday. Per Sportsnet writer Eric Francis, Kadri now praises Trouba for the hit.

“Good hit. I took it like a man, got right back up, dusted myself off and away you go.”

On social media, Kadri gets a lot of praise for his words about the hit, and it’s so relieving to see players actually taking a clean hit and just forget about it. Respect!

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