Fan asks John Tortorella for a selfie mid-game and gets the famous ice-cold stare

John Tortorella is known for his temper at the bench. The coach has called out even the best players for not performing the way he wants them to. “Torts” even leaves some press conferences in rage after receiving, in his opinion, bad questions.

At the same time as Tortorella sometimes crosses the line regarding being angry, he is also one of the most respected coaches in the NHL.

But if there’s one thing he isn’t up for, it’s taking selfies.

Last night, the Columbus Blue Jackets faced the Flames on the road. During the game, a fan behind the Blue Jackets’ bench knocked on the glas, wanting to take a selfie with Tortorella.

However, Tortorella didn’t seem to happy about it, saying no.

Of course, the NHL players and coaches should take pictures with their biggest fans. But in this case, maybe the timing wasn’t perfect since the Blue Jackets had a tough game which they lost in OT.

Just moments later another fan appeared behind Torts, trying to show him a picture of the coach from his early days. Tortorella didn’t see it, but we would’ve loved his reaction.

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