Max Pacioretty makes split second reflex move preventing scary injury on opponent

No matter what team you support, watching a player on your team or another get injured is something you never want to see.

When it comes down to it, we all love the game and want to see the best players in the world do their thing, no matter if we support their team or not. And of course, this also includes the players.

There’s been plenty of ugly injuries and scary situations this season and before that.

Last night, Kings center Blake Lizotte could’ve been the next victim of a scary injury to the head when taking an unfortunate hit from Max Pacioretty while battling for the puck.

However, the Vegas star looked like he knew what was happening and made sure that Lizotte landed softly on the ice. Pacioretty put his arm around his head, preventing him from hitting the ice head first.

It sure looks like it was intentional, an act that showed great sportsmanship and most importantly saved him from a potential injury.

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