Even the NHL Network is now chirping Jordan Binnington, fans are losing it over this tweet

Jordan Binnington isn’t playing his best hockey right now. Not even close, to be fair.

His latest performances have been absolutely dreadful and have been more about nasty things he has done on the ice than his goalkeeping. Last week, he left his goal to clear the puck but instead tried to body-check Jordan Staal. It all ended in Binnington getting flattened and flying.

Source: Twitter

This weekend, he was at it again in a game against the Pittsburgh Penguins. Binnington conceded three early goals, and Binnington took out his frustration on Jason Zucker as he threw a glove into the Penguins forward’s face. Later in the game, Binnington got pulled from the game, and as he skated toward the Blues’ bench, he stopped by the Pens’ bench to start a fight.

Afterward, St. Louis coach Craig Berube was fed up.

“It’s got to stop. It doesn’t help anything,” Berube said postgame. “Just play goal, stop the puck.”

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Binnington is the laughingstock of the NHL right now. He fights, chirps, and doesn’t seem to have his head in the right place. And now, even the NHL Network is chirping him.

They posted a picture of Binnington and his stats in his last five games on Twitter. As the picture tells, Binnington holds a 0-5-0 record in those games, with a save percentage of .841 and a GAA of 4.84. It’s not a great look, but NHL fans (well, Blues fans excluded) actually find it hilarious.

”The NHL network on Twitter is chirping Jordan Binnington,” reads a Reddit post.

Source: Twitter

”This is a sign that you’ve pushed the whole asshole goalie thing a little too far,” one fan said.

”They should have added his PIMs to the graphic,” another said.

”Honestly this Binnington shitshow is so entertaining that I’m all for it,” a third added.

But many also believe that the Binnington criticism has gone too far and that the Blues as a whole deserve the critique.

”Show the Blues defensive stats too. Not the only problem,” one fan said.

”Binnington is NOT the issue!! He is NOT getting any defensive help!!” Said another.

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