Elias Pettersson has great reaction to mind-boggling question

Elias Pettersson could re-join the Canucks very soon, but for the time being, he is still sidelined with a concussion.

He has joined the club on their two-game road trip that begins tonight and skated during their practice Tuesday morning. All signs are pointing towards the rookie entering the lineup very soon.

While Pettersson is growing accustomed to the pace of the NHL and size of his opposition, it appears as if larger defenders aren’t the only thing Pettersson will need to dodge in the spotlight.

As one would expect, the media flocked to Pettersson after his skate with the team to gain any information about Pettersson’s timeline. However, one reporter asked a question that left Pettersson speechless.

Pettersson was asked about playing on a smaller ice surface and the size and strength of the players in the NHL. He answered with professionalism.

Then, the same reporter, probably in a joking manner, said: “Doesn’t make you want to go home, right?” The exchange begins at 5:03 in the video, with the question coming near the tail-end of the clip.

Pettersson didn’t even respond. He just looked away and appeared to be ticked off by the question. Fans on social media reacted to the question in a negative way.

I understand if the reporter was making a joke. Maybe he was fishing for some headline for his next article. But in Pettersson’s case, I’d be pissed off, too. Imagine working your entire life to reach the NHL and then some reporter asks if you want to go home after being roughed up?

I’m sure Pettersson won’t be giving the time of the day to that reporter anytime soon.