Dominik Hasek hated one thing on the ice – and it’s the reason behind his unique mask

Dominik Hasek played in more than 700 games in the NHL and is still considered one of the best goalies in hockey history.

He is most known for his many years with the Buffalo Sabers, but he also played one year with the Ottawa Senators.

It’s easy to understand why Hasek became so popular, as he had everything a goalkeeper needed.

He was fearless and acrobatic and always did the unexpected, and that special ‘it factor.’

He also happened to win two Stanley Cups and a total of six(!) Vezina Trophies.

980220 OS i Nagano: Dominik Hasek (Dominator), Tjeckien © Bildbyrån – 22236

But it was also another thing that made Hasek so special, in addition to his goalkeeping game: His unique mask.

No one else looked like Dominik Hasek on the ice, and some years ago, he finally explained why.

“I hate when something touches my face when I sweat. The other masks touched my face, and I couldn’t bear it”, Hasek told the Red Wings Twitter account.

Hasek kept the design he had for his mask as a child.

“I kept it all the time because I hate when something touches my face.”

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