David Pastrnak's daughter completely steals the show in the most adorable All-Star presser of all time

David Pastrnak’s daughter completely steals the show in the most adorable All-Star presser of all time

For Leon Draisaitl, this year’s All-Stars is special. It’s perhaps the last time he’ll ever get an opportunity to play with longtime friend David Pastrnak.

The Boston Bruins’ superstar was the second player after Connor Hellebuyck, selected by Team Connor McDavid, with assistant captain Leon Draisaitl.

Leon Draisaitl was drafted third overall in the 2014 NHL Draft. David Pastrnak was selected by the Bruins at No. 25 in the same draft.

“With ‘Pasta,’ we kind of grew up together, got drafted in the same year and been through the whole thing together,” Draisaitl said. “So, I’m excited to spend some time with him, I got to know him from spending some time in Prague.”

David Pastrnak is one of the greatest players in the league, and he certainly acted like a superstar when this weekend’s all-star kicked off with a bang on Thursday.

Pastrnak made a stylish entrance in Toronto, and he went viral with the incredible Boston Bruins-inspired suit he donned on the red carpet.

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But fans especially loved his press conference, where his daughter Freya Ivy completely stole the show.

The 6-month-old overshadowed her superstar dad as she took everything in, observing the microphones, cameras, and reporters giving the two of them attention.

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Pastrnak and his family just got home from a warm vacation, and he told media it’s been a special week for him.

“It’s amazing. The family vacation was awesome. They’re here with me. I brought Freya up. Seems like she loves the attention,” he said. “She did pretty good for her first interview. Grabbing the mic the whole time.”

The video of little Freya during the press conference went viral, with fans finding it absolutely adorable. What a moment!

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