David Krejci loses tooth after hard hit from Thomas Hickey

David Krejci loses tooth after hard hit from Thomas Hickey

David Krejci learned first-hand last night about the impact NHLers can cause with hits.

Krejci has been in the league for 13 seasons, so he’s grown accustomed to the size and power from his opposition, but last night against the New York Islanders may have been a new feat for him.

Last night during play between the Islanders and Bruins, David Krejci got rocked by a hit from Thomas Hickey.

Krejci would be alright, recording over 17 minutes of ice time. He may have to visit a dentist, however.

The impact from the hit caused Krejci to lose a tooth. Yep, when the cameras slowed the footage down, you could see a missing chiclet flying through the air.

Losing teeth is a right of passage in hockey, but it’s not as fun when you’re an adult. Krejci even received a visit from the tooth fairy.

Well, it wasn’t exactly the tooth fairy. Ex-teammate Johnny Boychuk picked up the loose tooth from the ice and returned it back to the Bruins’ bench. No word on if Boychuk left a dollar under the pillow of Krejci last night.

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