Coyotes player drops huge F-bomb and has one of the best chirps we’ve ever heard caught on hot mic

The hot mics in the NHL often lead to some absolutely hilarious moments. It’s not unusual for a player to skate by the referee when he’s announcing a penalty call and, at the precisely right moment, deliver a slur or a chirp, and it just gets us every time.

There’s something really hilarious to hear NHLers dropping F-bombs during games, and every time it’s caught on camera or on the hot mic, it makes the rounds on social media.

Fans’ favorite thing is when players’ chirps get caught on the hot mic, and over the years, it has led to some very memorable moments. But Sunday produced perhaps the greatest hot mic moment in NHL history, with a chirp for the history books.

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It was during the matchup between the Arizona Coyotes and New Jersey Devils where the Coyotes’ broadcast caught a chirp from one Coyotes player. It’s unknown who the player was and who the chirp was meant for, but we still absolutely loved it.

During a break in the game, the broadcast’s microphone caught a Coyotes player saying something like, ”You probably didn’t bang a single girl in Halifax you’re so f-cking ugly.”

The sequence quickly got a lot of upvotes on Reddit, and some users pointed out that the only person in the Devils, Liam O’Brien, is from Halifax. However, Nico Hischier and Timo Meier played for the Halifax Mosseheads in the QMJHL.

No matter who the chirp was meant to take aim at, we absolutely love it. What an A-plus chirp!

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