Corey Perry reveals who he pointed at during post-goal celebration and leaves fans stunned

Corey Perry reveals who he pointed at during post-goal celebration and leaves fans stunned

Corey Perry was in the spotlight all game as the veteran forward and his Chicago Blackhawks faced the Toronto Maple Leafs on Monday.

Perry had Ryan Reaves after him the whole game, and after a tilt between Noah Gregor and Connor Murphy, Reaves started chirping Perry, almost begging him to fight him.

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Reaves and Perry’s chirping was caught on camera, and it was quite easy to understand what Reaves was saying.

“Why do you think I give a f–k what you say? Huh? What, what are you gonna do about it?” Reaves said.

However, Perry didn’t answer the bell and didn’t do it in the second period either when Reaves once again tried to make something happen by holding a turtled Perry down on the ice. But Perry once again managed to keep his cold and skated away without trouble.

Perry also managed to score the 2-1 goal in the tight contest. It was the game-winning goal, as the Blackhawks eventually won 4-1. But it’s not that Perry scored that caught the attention of fans; it was what he did after scoring.

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His post-goal celebration had fans talking as he pointed directly at someone in the crowd. Viewers thought it was just a regular Toronto fan or perhaps someone wearing a Reaves jersey, but it was none of the reasons above.

Post-game, Perry revealed that he pointed his finger towards none other than Scottie Upshall and Shane O’Brien, former NHLers and the hosts of the ”Missin Curfew” podcast. Perry played with both Upshall and O’Brien previously during his career, and when he saw them, he knew exactly what to do if he scored.

”It was funny. The first time out I saw them in the corner there. I played with both of them, I know them really well, and when I scored I just gave them a little point,” Perry told Sportsnet.

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