Connor Bedard’s brutal reaction on the ice has fans talking; slams his stick along the board in anger

All eyes were on Connor Bedard as we started this NHL season.

The first overall from this summer’s NHL Entry Draft broke all kinds of records in the WHL during his junior years, and ahead of his rookie year in the league, TSN ranked him as the 48th-best player in the league.

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So far, Bedard has displayed some of his massive talent. In his first-ever NHL game, he got his first point, an assist, in the Blackhawks’ win over the Pittsburgh Penguins. In game two, against the Boston Bruins, he scored his first league goal.

Connor Bedard also had an assist in his third game, but on Monday, in his fourth career game, he left the ice without recording a point for the first time.

Bedard had 18:35 TOI and four shots against the Maple Leafs, and to be fair, it was just straight unlucky he didn’t manage to score a goal.

The Chicago Blackhawks were on a powerplay against the Leafs when Bedard hit the post. It wasn’t the first time he narrowly missed a chance in the game, and frustration had been building up.

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After the shot in the post, Bedard, on his way back to the bench, slammed his stick along the boards.

Bedard loves hockey, he loves to get better, and his frustration in not finding the net is a testament to his passion for the game and the Blackhawks’ success. Bedard’s unlucky game meant that he left the ice pointless for the first time in his short NHL career.

However, the Chicago Blackhawks won the game 4-1, so we guess Bedard let go of his frustration quickly after the game.

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