Connor McDavid snaps back at Edmonton reporter; he simply refused to answer this one specific question

Canadian media tends to be tough on players, especially during the playoffs.

That was on full display last night as Connor McDavid eventually snapped back at a reporter, refusing to answer one of his questions.

There’s always pressure when playing with the Edmonton Oilers. And this season, there are expectations for the team to make a deep run in the playoffs.

They’ve started the postseason great, with superstars Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl performing phenomenally.

But that also means that the coverage is increasing, and the media is looking to cover the team every hour of every day.

One of those reporters is Mark Spector. He’s respected in the media in Edmonton after covering the Oilers for many years.

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But over the years, he’s not always had the best responses from Connor McDavid. And this weekend, a question from Spector got McDavid in a bad mood, as he simply refused to answer it.

The Oilers are playing the Vancouver Canucks in the second round of the playoffs, and during the regular season, it was a clear advantage to Vancouver when they played.

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But during those games, Edmonton was on a bad run, as it was during the start of the season, without Connor McDavid.

So when Mark Spector asked McDavid about the Oilers’ opening night loss to the Canucks, McDavid simply wished to talk about their upcoming battle rather than earlier ones. It led to McDavid shutting Spector down hard.

”It was so long ago … I’m not even going to answer that. It was so long ago,” McDavid said, clearly not amused by the question.

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The Oilers went 0-4 against the Canucks in the regular season, but with injuries to Canucks’ goaltending—Thatcher Demko is confirmed to miss Game 1—the Oilers have a great shot at turning it around. 

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