Connor Bedard’s surprise confession about living alone makes a whole room of reporters laugh out loud

Every hockey fan in the world eagerly awaits Connor Bedard’s arrival in the NHL. It’s not often there’s this much hype about a young prospect, but Connor Bedard isn’t your regular prospect.

He’s a generational talent, and experts and analysts all expect him to play a lot of minutes in his rookie year, and he’s projected to score a whole lot of points.

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Connor Bedard is also a great person, and when he participated in his first official practice with the Chicago Blackhawks on Thursday, you can bet that it drew a lot of attention. Bedard also met with the media afterward, and it didn’t take long for him to praise the fans in Chicago.

”They’re unbelievable so far,” he said, per ESPN.

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Bedard has been humble about his rookie season, claiming his aim is only to make the team. He doesn’t talk about how many points he could score or about the Calder trophy. He’s a humble person, and that’s why so many see him as likable. 

Connor Bedard is a great hockey player, but he’s not as skilled when it comes to cooking. Bedard grew up in British Columbia and has now started cooking his own food. He told the media he’s making small progress, but not without the help of his mom.

“I just FaceTime her, put her on the counter, and she tells me what to do,” Bedard said. “She’s making it easy on me, but I’ll try to be a little more independent.”

Source: X/Twitter

But later on, he admitted that he may have bent the truth a little, leading to a room full of laughing reporters. As it turns out, he hasn’t cooked that much at all.

“It was just something to say here [to the media],” Bedard laughed.

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