New announcement about Donald Brashear stuns hockey world, makes surprise comeback at 51

Donald Brashear, in his prime, was a nightmare to play against. When Alex Ovechkin once was asked who he would like as the third guy in his line if he ever played with Sidney Crosby, he said Donald Brashear.

And that says a lot about what a great teammate the enforcer really was.

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When Donald Brashear retired, he was ranked 15th all-time in penalty minutes. He could be a goon, but he was a great fighter, and nobody enjoyed going up against him.

Iconic enforcer Georges Laraque once said that only a handful of players ever made him nervous in the NHL, and Donald Brashear was one of those guys.

”In the last years of my career, only a handful of players would still make me a bit nervous before a fight: Donald Brashear, Brian McGrattan, and mostly Derek Boogaard — may he rest in peace,” Laraque said.

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Donald Brashear played his final NHL game in 2010 but continued his career in Sweden with Modo, where icon Peter Forsberg also played.

Brashear is now in his 50s, but he still hasn’t given up on hockey just yet. Although he doesn’t play as a pro, he’s still playing—and now a new announcement surprises the hockey world.

Source: Bildbyran

According to, Donald Brashear is making an unexpected comeback in the LNAH next season. He accordingly signed a contract with the Marquis de Jonquière after being at the team’s training camp earlier this summer. Donald Brashear played in the LNAH in the 2015-2016 season, and after seven years of absence, he’s now back.

In the press release, the organization said that despite his age, Brashear is in ”excellent shape” and ready to make an impact.

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