Charles Barkley suddenly interrupts NBA broadcast to say something that every hockey fan absolutely loves

It’s not just the playoffs in the NHL. The NBA playoffs are also in the first-round series, but fans and experts aren’t exactly thrilled.

Nobody could say they’re disappointed with the NHL playoffs. The first games of the first round have been amazing, with physical and tough games, a lot of goals, quality chirping, and overall lots of excitement.

You can’t say the same thing about the series between the Nuggets and Timberwolves in the NBA’s playoffs, at least according to the legend Charles Barkley.

Barkley was on the Inside the NBA on TNT, and during halftime of Game 4, he saw the opportunity to talk up the NHL, and hockey fans absolutely loved it.

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Ernie Johnson started the halftime show by saying: “Is it just me or does this game need a Red Bull?”

To which Charles Barkley, unexpectedly, answered:

“I was watching hockey on TBS I’m not gonna lie. This game is boring as hell.”

TBS broadcasted Game 4 of the series between the Edmonton Oilers and the LA Kings. And we’re guessing that Charles Barkley wasn’t disappointed with what he saw there, as the Oilers tied the series to 2-2 following a 5-4 win.

It’s not news that Charles Barkley is a big fan of hockey. His colleagues on TNT have done an amazing job with the NHL on TNT this year. Barkley has even made appearances in the hockey studio, and he even had the guts to chirp Wayne Gretzky after watching a clip of The Great One dropping the gloves over 30 years ago.

This is what we hockey guys love to see. Respect to Charles Barkley—what a legend!

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