Carolina held off Connor McDavid once again, and his numbers against the Hurricanes are straight-up absurd

Many consider Connor McDavid the best hockey player on the planet, and the things he can do on the ice against some of the world’s best players, are just nasty. Almost every week, McDavid puts up a new highlight goal or assist, and it often doesn’t matter what team he’s facing.

But last night, he got held off against the Carolina Hurricanes, as he left the ice without point contribution when the Hurricanes won against his Edmonton Oilers, 2-1. 

And it’s not the first time McDavid has left the ice against the Carolina Hurricanes without any goals scored.

A Twitter account called CanesStats went viral after pointing out that McDavid has just one career goal against the Hurricanes in a total of 10 games. With that, the Hurricanes are the team that McDavid has scored against the least. McDavid has more goals (2) against the Seattle Kraken despite just playing them three times.

McDavid has also struggled against the Boston Bruins, scoring just two goals in 9 games. On the other hand, McDavid has scored a sensational 26 goals in 32 games against the Calgary Flames. 

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