AHL player makes the internet go wild with the coldest and most unexpected celebration after shootout win

It’s not often that you see a celebration for the first time or that you see a celly that makes you laugh straight off. But, with tens and tens of goals scored each day in different leagues worldwide, there is just as much room to be creative and come up with new ideas.

Source: Twitter

Now Jeff Malott, who plays for the Manitoba Moose in the AHL, has gone viral with his celebration straight after scoring the winning goal in a shootout. But the funny thing about his celebration? It wasn’t a celebration at all.

Jeff Malott first scored a superb goal when he tricked the goalie down and calmly shot the puck between the pads. He then went straight for the dressing room, without as much as a smile to his teammates. Malott didn’t wave his arms, didn’t make a gesture towards the home fans. He just went straight off the ice and into the dressing room.

Source: Twitter

The video of the celebration has gone viral on social media, and everybody seems to love the stone-cold celly.¨

”This is the greatest celly I have ever seen by far,” one user wrote.

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