Carey Price makes the perfect joke on his return to hockey in first update on horrific knee injury

Carey Price has, according to many, been the best goalkeeper for the last ten years. However, the Montreal Canadiens star is now 35 years old and barely played in the previous year.

He was out most of last season with a knee injury, and he’s placed on long term injured reserve list. He isn’t expected to play this season, and many fear that we’ve seen the last of Price in the NHL.

Last night, he met with the media for the first time since being placed on LTIR and got questions on whether retirement is on his mind. But he shut down that idea.

“We’ll have to take it step by step, but I don’t have a plan to retire at this moment,” Price said. “Right now, my goal is to just be pain free from day to day. I’m still having some issues going up and down stairs. First priority is to get my body to a place where I’m pain free.”

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Price has always been a well-liked teammate, and few are praised by the fans as much as Price. He’s a great character off the ice as well, and he couldn’t help but make some jokes during the press conference as well. Price won’t retire, at least for now, but said he could return as a forward.

”Yeah, I wouldn’t mind sniping a few; hit a few goalies in the head maybe,” he said with laughter, according to Priyanka Emrith on Twitter.

Price obviously won’t return as a forward, but we really hope he returns as a goalie. Price said he’s spoken to people with a similar injury; according to those people, it could take a full year to recover.

“There’s this outside hope of a miracle happening that I could maybe comeback and play at some point,” Price said. “I’ve always been a bit of an optimist so I’m not giving up and definitely not giving up on winning a Stanley Cup in some aspect — whatever position that would be.”

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