Camera caught Brandon Montour saying the funniest thing to a referee after screaming on the bench

The Florida Panthers may be trailing 2-0 in the Stanley Cup Final against the Vegas Golden Knight, but for defenseman Brandon Montour, it will always be special and memorable, no matter the outcome.

When he stepped on the ice for Game 1 of the finals, his wife had gone into labor. His firstborn child was due June 18, between Game 5 and 6, but an early appearance from baby Kai forced Montour to rush.

He was informed about his wife going into labor immediately after Game 1, and he went by plane to Florida. He arrived at 6:30 a.m., the morning after Game 1, and was able to be there for the final hours of his wife’s labor. 

The same night, Montour returned to Vegas for Game 2. And during that game, the defenseman had a hilarious interaction with one of the referees.

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Montour is a natural leader, and while he sat on the bench, he screamed instructions to his teammates. He screamed loud, and a referee was just by him on the ice. Montour suddenly turned to the referee and said, ’I apologize for yelling. I just need to get into some space here.” 

Everyone on social media is so happy the interaction between Montour and the ref was caught on camera, with fans sending some love the defenseman’s way.

”He’s so sweet omg,” one said.

”I love him,” another said.

”Awesome!” A third added.

”Yessssss!!!” A fourth said.

We’re so happy for Brandon Montour and his wife, Ryian, for becoming first-time parents. Even if the Panthers don’t manage to turn the series around, we’re sure Montour will remember June 2023 forever. 

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