Fans just found out about Vegas’ equipment manager’s action in Game 2, new camera angle proves he’s a hero

The Vegas Golden Knights have gotten themself a 2-0 series lead in the Stanley Cup Final against the Florida Panthers.

Star players are stepping up, and we’ll list a few of the heroes so far: Jack Eichel, Adin Hill, Mark Stone, and J.W. Aiken.

The first three have really played some of their best hockey, and the last one, J.W. Aiken, is doing some amazing stuff without even being out on the ice.

He’s the assistant equipment manager in the Golden Knights, but in Game 2, he should’ve been awarded an assist for his amazingly quick thinking.

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The Vegas Golden Knights were up 3-0 in Game 2 when Mark Stone’s stick broke in the defensive zone. Stone rushed to the bench, and Aiken, the assistant equipment manager, reacted immediately. He grabbed a new stick, reached over the players on the bench, and handed it over to Stone.

Vegas then went on a breakaway, and Stone put the puck on Brett Howden, who scored an amazing goal.

Mark Stone was awarded an assist, but the real hero on the play was J.W. Aiken, whose quick thinking helped Vegas to extend their lead to 4-0. After the goal, Mark Stone immediately went to the bench to thank his assistant equipment manager.

The video of Aiken’s quick actions on the bench, together with the goal, has received a lot of attention on social media, and fans absolutely loved it. We love when unsung heroes, like equipment managers, get the praise they deserve, and this was the perfect example of how important their work is.

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