British soccer fan reacts to Dominik Hasek’s best saves and it’s the funniest thing ever

For those who’ve watched hockey for a long time, inviting someone over who haven’t is always as much fun.

Some people just think it’s to much, others have no clue about the rules, but some actually get into it straight away.

In the UK, hockey hasn’t been the main sport and probably never will be. Maybe that’s the reason why plenty of people rather watch soccer, even though we all know which sport is better.

But even though they watch soccer across the Atlantic, some are eager to learn more about the great sport of hockey.

YouTuber Adam Courser decided he was going to learn more about hockey and put up several videos of him reacting to different things happening in the NHL.

This time, it was about the best saves from the great Dominik Hasek. The Czech Hall-of-Famer played 16 seasons in the NHL, winning the Cup twice and the Vezina Trophy six times.

“The Dominator” had plenty of spectacular highlights during his NHL career. And YouTuber Adam Courser got to see some of the best.

The result? A hilarious and awesome video! Watch it down below.

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