Brent Burns wholesome gesture towards Oilers bench shows what a beauty he really is

Ethan Bear of the Edmonton Oilers scored a beauty of a goal against the San Jose Sharks last night. And it wasn’t only the crowd who enjoyed it. Brent Burns was impressed and showed great sportsmanship towards the young NHL rookie.

Brent Burns played an impressive game against the Edmonton Oilers last night. The Sharks won 6-3, and the star defenceman put up more than 27 minutes of ice time and two assists.

However, the Burns story was not going to be about him being able to handle Connor McDavid or another player. The talk of the town was instead about his gesture towards the Edmonton rookie Ethan Bear.

The 22 year old scored a beauty of a goal on himself in the third period, and afterwards, while sitting on the bench, Burns skated past him congratulating him on a nice goal.

Even though the NHL’s a league with plenty of emotions, hard hits and fights, this surely is what makes it ever more special.

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