Brad Marchand teams up with artist to fundraise for 19-year-old who was paralyzed in hockey game

Brad Marchand has a reputation for being a real rat on the ice. He’s considered one of the dirtiest and meanest in the NHL, and his record with fines and suspensions speaks for itself. Marchand has had a calm campaign so far, but usually, he does just about anything to get an opponent off his game.

But off the ice, there’s an entirely different side to him. Stories about his great community work, and his good deeds in the city of Boston, are coming out on a weekly basis. It’s pretty much confirmed that he’s a warm-hearted and generous guy who always goes the extra mile to put a smile on someone’s face. Some examples:

After former teammate Jimmy Hayes died, Marchand took time to play street hockey with Hayes’ kids. He’s also sent an autographed Bruins jersey to a First Nations teen who had been the target of racism during a game. Marchand is loved by the community and with all rights, considering the massive work and time he puts in to be a role model.

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Now, Marchand has done yet another good deed in the Boston community.

19-year-old Jake Thibeault suffered a spinal cord injury during a hockey game in September 2021. After he hit the boards during the game, he was paralyzed. When Halifax artist, and hockey dad, Glen McMinn about what happened, he decided he needed to do something.

“Jake was recounting what had happened and he had said something in the podcast that really drew me in, and I have to say it was transformative,” he told CBC Radio’s Information Morning Nova Scotia.

“He said that his dad was at the glass when he was injured and it really impacted me to say the least.

McMinn’s son plays hockey in the same league, so it wasn’t hard for him to imagine what Jake and his family went through.

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With the help of Brad Marchand’s long-time trainer, JP MacCallum, the artist came in touch with the Boston Bruins superstar.

“I was able to contact him and tell him what I was thinking about doing. He was actually seeing Brad that day and that night I got a call back … and JP said that Brad was 100 per cent in.”

McMinn painted an image of Marchand’s hockey glove, and the copies sold will raise money for the Thibeault family. The funds raised will help pay for the physical therapy that’s not covered by insurance. Thibeault has been going to therapy for his injuries several times a week since the injury and now has some movements in his legs.

Source: Instagram

The painting of Marchand’s glove also features several Easter eggs featuring Marchand’s career. McMinn and Marchand both agreed on the personal design.

The painting is printed in 63 examples and is signed by both the artist and the athlete. They’re selling for $2,500 US; all money will go directly to Jake Thibeault and his family. Brad Marchand, what a great guy.

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