Brad Marchand in excruciating pain after taking huge slapper to the groin—it hurts just watching this

Brad Marchand suffered one of the worst injuries imaginable in Monday’s game against the Winnipeg Jets.

Not in terms of actually missing any game time or risking any severe injury. But it’s probably one of the things that hurts the most.

Brad Marchand is the captain of the Boston Bruins and a great team player.

He always sticks up for his teammates, and he’s doing everything to win a game. He’s great at helping out in the defense and always tries to block a shot if possible.

Marchand is a crucial figure in killing penalties, and he came up big yet again in the game against the Jets, blocking a shot with the worst area possible.

The slap shot from Josh Morrissey hit Marchand right in the groin, and any man knows the pain Marchand must’ve felt.

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Brad Marchand headed straight to the bench and collected himself for a bit before returning to the game.

He’s a real warrior for staying in the game despite the unlucky slapper blocker.

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Brad Marchand is having an amazing season, and he had one goal against the Jets as well. The Bruins captain has seven points in his last five games, including four goals.

He’s currently on pace for 78 points as a 35-year-old, which is absolutely incredible. This is his first season as the captain of the Bruins, and so far, he’s received high praise for how he’s handled it.

And shot-blocking like this certainly helps his cause. What a legend!

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