Brad Marchand gets instant karma after ugly hit from behind on Ryan Lindgren

Brad Marchand got to experience the art of instant karma last night. Against the New York Rangers, defenceman Ryan Lindgren got hit from behind by the Boston star. But Pavel Buchnevich decided to step in, and delivered a helmet popping crosscheck.

The incident occured in the second period at the Garden, following a save from Rangers’ goaltender Alexandar Georgiev. Rangers defenceman Ryan Lindgren shoved Bruins star Patrice Bergeron, with Brad Marchand stepping in just moments later.

Marchand crosschecked Lindgren from behind with the 22 year old dropping to the ice, with the Bruins forward getting penalized for a retaliatory crosscheck.

But Pavel Buchnevich didn’t have any of it. Moments later Marchand got knocked down from behind by Buchnevich, with his helmet flying across the ice. Buchnevich made it out of the situation without getting a penalty.

Ryan Lindgren has emergence as one of the Rangers toughest players since being traded during the 2018 NHL draft. Last night he also made an attempt to put Marchand over the boards.

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