Brad Marchand gets clothes-lined after whistle blown, and he was absolutely furious about it

Brad Marchand has a reputation for being a pure rat. He often gets under the skin of his opponents, and it’s not unusual for him to get into some sort of argument during games.

It’s been some time since last, but Marchand has also earned a reputation for his many cheap shots, and he can really make his opponents furious. But with the Boston Bruins playing great hockey right now, with a 21-4-1 record, Marchand is also in a better place.

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He’s not the rat he used to be, and he’s focusing more on scoring goals and his team than on his opponents. But it wouldn’t be Marchand without that spark in him, and he can still react to things on the ice.

In a matchup between the Vegas Golden Knights and Boston Bruins on Sunday, Marchand was absolutely furious with the officials as the first period ended.

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Marchand battled for the puck with Golden Knights defenseman Zachary Whitecloud, and after the whistle had blown, they had an awkward collision. Marchand was taken down pretty badly, and for a moment, it looked like he had a hard time standing up.

Marchand surely expected a penalty call on Whitecloud, especially considering the whistle had blown.

Source: Twitter

Marchand tried to get the refs to change their minds and also looked to say some non-friendly words to Whitecloud.

He didn’t get what he wanted, but the Bruins still managed to tie the game early in the second. Then, with 2:10 played in the third period, Jake DeBrusk scored the 2-1 goal for Boston, and the Bruins got the 3-1 victory.

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