Brad Marchand could be in for yet another suspension, after two-hand slash retaliation on Canes goalie

The Boston Bruins are down 2-0 in the series against the Canes, and Brad Marchand is frustrated. It’s been 15 games since he last scored a goal that wasn’t in open net, and last night, he got in a heated argument with a goalkeeper–again–and delivered yet another cheap shot.

Earlier this season, Marchand got suspended for hitting Pens goalie Tristan Jerry in the head with his stick, and now, he may as well get punished by Player Safety.

During Game 2 of the series, Marchand flipped a puck late in the second period that Canes goalie Pyotr Kochetkov could catch easily. The goalie was looking to start play right away, but as he gave the puck out to a teammate, Marchand was there with his stick and touched his back.

Kochetkov wasn’t having that and pushed Marchand away. The Bruins veteran answered by taking a swing with his club at the goalie. Both Marchand and Kochetkov got handed a two-minute minor for slashing. But now, many believe that Marchand is in for yet another suspension.

He’s already the player with the most suspensions in league history, and now, he may as well be in for another one. What do you think? Does he deserve it?

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