Brad Marchand claims he’s a changed man; he’s even asking referees for the award he deserves the least

There’s always something going on around Boston Bruins star player Brad Marchand. If we’re talking about playing hockey, Marchand is one of the best in the NHL. His goalscoring abilities are well-known to all hockey fans, and he’s got the rare ability to always be in the right place to decide games. Marchand won the Stanley Cup in 2011 and has played in several All-Star Games.

He’s started the season with 16 points in 12 games, and since the 2015-16 season, he has recorded more points than games played in every season. Marchand is an elite player but has earned himself a reputation for being a rat.

Marchand is always there to chirp an opponent and hand out a cheap shot, and nobody has served more suspensions than Marchand in league history.
Marchand often disrespects opponents, and it’s not usually that a game goes by without Marchand at the center of attention in some way.

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Well, now he seems to be a changed man. The Boston Bruins are flying right now and lead the NHL with a 17-3-0 record. The team’s star players, like Patrice Bergeron and Marchand, are playing great, and everyone on the roster and coaching staff seems to be in a great place. And that goes for Marchand as well.

And he’s even pointing it out to referees. In the all-access documentary series about the Boston Bruins, ”Behind the B,” Marchand was mic’d up during a game against the Philadelphia Flyers earlier this month.

In the documentary, Marchand can be heard speaking to a referee during a break.

”We’re good, bro. We’re good. I’ve changed. I’m going for the Lady Byng,” said Marchand.

Lady Byng Memorial Trophy is presented each year to the NHL player adjudged to have exhibited the best type of sportsmanship and gentlemanly conduct. Of course, the award isn’t exactly associated with Brad Marchand. But, hey, we guess people can change.

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