Beer Leaguers try using Zdeno Chara’s stick, and it might be the funniest thing we’ve ever seen

Zdeno Chara is a legend and still active in the best league in the world. He’s the defenseman with the most games played, and he’s just finished his 24th season in the league.

Zdeno Chara has always been the complete package when it comes to defending. He’s always been at the right place at the right time and also could pop up with some important goals or assists. But the one thing that’s made Chara stand out during his career is his incredible physic. He’s 6-foot-9 tall and weighs in just under 250 lbs.

Now that’s some reach and some long stick. Sticks with lengths that match Chara’s height aren’t easy to come by, but one Beer League team got the opportunity to try it out, and it went precisely as everyone would’ve thought.

Just skating with the stick is difficult for the Beer Leaguers. In the video, with almost 2 million views on Youtube, some guys also try some dekes with the stick. And some even go for the slapshot. And they all fail. This is actually hilarious. Just watch this:

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