The reason Marcus Foligno fought Tom Wilson is out, and he actually deserves some mad respect for it

During the 2018-19 season, forward Oskar Sundqvist missed several months of play after an illegal hit from the Capitals’ Tom Wilson. The hit was straight towards the head, but he also suffered a shoulder injury and a concussion.

Tom Wilson had been suspended just 16 games before the collision with Sundqvist, and after the hit against the Swede, he got suspended for 20 games. Sundqvist recently made a guest appearance on The Cam & Strick Podcast and talked openly about the hit.

Source: Twitter

”That’s probably the worst I ever had. I mean, the hit is like… it happens quick. I’ll see him in the last second, and then it just black. I wake up after my concussion test, in the locker room, with no gear on, with the doctor talking to me. That’s when I wake up and like realize. I think I asked him six times in a row who hit me.”

Tom Wilson doesn’t have the best rap in the NHL, but off the ice, he’s considered to be a nice guy.

”I’ve heard he’s a really good guy. He did talk to me the next game I played against him, and he apolagized and stuff like that.”

Source: Twitter

Sundqvist also revealed that Marcus Foligno, a Minnesota Wild player, took a fight against Wilson as he didn’t like the hit.

”I think my first game back was against Minnesota, and I’m lining up for the first face-off, and it’s Foligno next to me. So he goes, ’That’s such a bullshit hit. I’m gonna take him for you. Don’t worry buddy.”

”And the next game against Washington, he fought him right away. ”

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