All-time NHL great make bold statement about Connor McDavid after yet another disgusting highlight reel goal

Connor McDavid is doing Connor McDavid stuff again. The Edmonton Oilers superstar isn’t human, and he’s on pace for his best season ever. He’s currently on pace for 151 points, and Wednesday, against the Ducks, he scored his 35th goal of the season in his 43rd game.

But Connor McDavid doesn’t just score goals and record assists. He often does it in style, and no player in the league has created more highlight-reel goals than McDavid.

He can create chances out of nothing and score goals nobody thought were possible. Last night showed a great example of that.

With half of the first period played in the road game in Anaheim, Connor McDavid spun around Trevor Zegras and finished the play with a spectacular backhand into the net.

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Honestly, Connor McDavid is just a sick joke, and we’re not even surprised anymore. Fans were going wild, and McDavid’s goal was everywhere on social media. But it wasn’t just fans who absolutely loved the breathtaking goal.

Ducks icon Teemu Selanne was in attendance at the Honda Center, and he could barely take in what he’d just seen. He published a tweet with a bold statement, claiming that he’s never seen anything like McDavid.

”Ladies and gentlemen Connor McDavid show in Anaheim. Wow… Never seen player like this….” He said.

And we agree. Although other players have scored more goals than McDavid, few have scored as many highlight-reel tallies as he. And we have to remind you: He’s only 25.

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