All NHL head coaches just got ranked in beauty, and Bruce Boudreau’s response to it is the best we’ve seen

When we talk about how NHL coaches rank, it’s often on how their team performs. But this is a list we’d never thought we would see. published a report earlier this week that really got NHL fans talking. And their coaching abilities had absolutely nothing to do with it. Instead, with help from an app measuring beauty, they ranked all 32 NHL head coaches based on how well-looking they are. 

The app uses facial symmetry and structure in its calculation, and used the official portraits from the NHLs website so that it wouldn’t be an unfair competition.

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Bruce Boudreau, head coach of the Vancouver Canucks, is more known for his great coaching abilities and to be a great guy than his beauties, but at Canucks practice yesterday, the coach was informed about the list, and the reporters, of course, asked what he thought about it. His reaction and his answer were pure gold.

“Oh my god, I don’t want to be in that poll,” said Boudreau when informed about the list.

Boudreau then got informed he was placed 16th on the list.

“There must have been an awful lot of blind people doing that poll!” said Boudreau with a laugh.

First on the list was Edmonton Oilers head coach Jay Woodcraft, with a beauty score of 9.18. Peter Laviolette of the Washington Capitals was placed last, with 6.04 in the beauty score. 

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