Alex Ovechkin with the classiest move of the season, declines a penalty call on the Vegas Golden Knights

The best players in the world also always seem to have some fair play in them. And Alexander Ovechkin is no exception, and last night, against the Vegas Golden Knights, he showed exactly how every pro player in the world should act. This is truly something for every young kid and every other NHL player to watch and take after.

In the first period, Ovechkin fell as he chased the puck in the Capitals’ defensive zone. He was pushed by Pax Pacioretty, just enough for the referee to raise his arm for a penalty. But Ovechkin immediately noticed and made a quick look at the referee, and with all clarity, made the referee know that it wasn’t a penalty at all. After a brief chat between the referees, the minor penalty was called off, and the Vegas Golden Knights had only Ovechkin to thank for it.

” Ovechkin just declined a penalty??? We’re cool with it, but what???,” the Golden Knights wrote on their Twitter account.

It’s not every day that you see something like this in the NHL because all teams want to be on the powerplay, but you have to give it to Alexander Ovechkin, what a fair play move!

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