5’4 Nathan Gerbe transforms into beast mode and gives 6’3 Sanheim a lesson

Nathan Gerbe’s 5 feet 4 inches. But underestimating him because of his size is not a good idea. Last night Gerbe, the shortest player in the league, turned into a thing closer to a monster.

The Blue Jackets’ forward started with a big hit on Claude Giroux, continuing with wrestling down the almost one foot taller Travis Sanheim.

Nathan Gerbe’s been in the Columbus Blue Jackets for three years. The 32 year old forward has been playing in both the NHL and the AHL, but when playing in the worlds best league he’s been known for a particular reason.

Gerbe measures 5’4, which means that at the moment, he’s the shortest player in the NHL.

A picture of him next to 6’9 Zdeno Chara went viral earlier this season. But just because he’s short doesn’t mean he can’t stand up for himself.

Last night, Nathan Gerbe proved that size in the NHL doesn’t matter.

Against the Philadelphia Flyers last night, Claude Giroux got a big hit from Gerbe and dropped to the ice. Sure, Giroux might not be the a player particularly known for his physical attributes. But Gerbe wasn’t done.

Travis Sanheim, measuring 6’3, didn’t like the hit and decided to step in, hitting Gerbe with his stick. Gerbe turned around, threw his gloves and engaged in a wrestling match. And Sanheim? He had no chance.

Gerbe went to the locker room and was done for the night, with the Blue Jackets’ fans cheering him on.

Talking about his NHL career, size definitely hasn’t stopped Gerbe from success, playing for 10 seasons, scoring 62 goals, and putting up 85 assists, through 421 games.


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