When Brett Hull starred in the most awkward commercial, welcoming a new team in town

Brett Hull scored an incredible 741 goals in 18 seasons in the NHL. The St Louis Blues legend and Hall of Fame forward is a true hero in the city, celebrated heavily after the Blues won the Stanley Cup last season.

Being a hockey star in a city comes with many responsibilities, except putting up a show on the ice and scoring points of course.

For many, this also includes different kinds of community work and starring in commercials.

There’s been plenty of funny and clever commercials throughout the years.

But in the 90’s, some of them were just really awkward. In 1995, The Los Angeles Rams headed to Missiouri to become the St. Louis Rams.

And what better way to welcome them to the city than getting a greeting from Brett Hull himself?

Sure, it was a nice gesture. But this must be one of the most awkward commercials ever made. Still, we gotta love it because of Brett Hull, what a legend!

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